Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's on your mind Wednesday

Just to warn you, I am pretty random in my thoughts. Just ask Hubs he'll tell you that I can jump from dogs to shopping to Paris all in one fowl swoop. So here it goes:
  • I'm reading a book that the Hubs suggested and I hate it! I only continue to read it because its his favorite book. I love to read but this is terrible.
  • I love to watch Gilmore Girls everyday at 3pm. Its my guilty pleasure.
  • Although I despise working out I love the high you feel afterwards. My favorite right now is the elliptical. I am building up the amount of miles I can go and so far it is 4.25 miles daily. Weird and frustrating part is I haven't lost an ounce. Boo!
  • I seriously love my dog, but sometimes he can be crazy. Like just now for instance he woke from a dead sleep ran off barking like a mad man. Of course there was nothing there and he sheepishly came back and fell right back to sleep.
  • My favorite movie right now is Zombieland. Its disgusting, funny, and I hope they make a second one.
  • I get my hair cut on Friday! Yay! I seriously need it done :o)
  • For something a little more serious, I am generally pretty patient, but I think waiting until June to find out if Hubs is selected as an Officer, just may kill me.
  • And for a touch a Spring for all of you who are stuck in the snow:

 Have a nice Wednesday everyone!!!


The1stdaughter said...

Okay, you are perfectly random, but I love it. It's easy because I'm exactly the same.

PS...did you see Pioneer Woman is running a "dog" picture contest??? You should see if you can still enter!

Gillian said...

Yeah I have been entering everyday, but we'll see, her taste is good, but a little different then mine sometimes. :o)