Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Boy has returned

Our happy little guy is back. Last sunday we ended up taking him to the emergency vet after a turn for the worse. He became very lethargic, had hives all over his body and he refused to eat. We rushed him over to the E-Vet and he was given an antibiotic shot for his skin and antibiotic pills for the rest of the infection. He slept for two days straight from the drugs, who knew antibiotics would knock him out. We literally had to nudge him to wake him up, it was kind of funny actually. Tuesday morning he woke up happy and bouncy as ever. He still has sores and missing patches of hair from the hives, but he is doing well. One good thing that has come out of it, he has really started to enjoy hugs, pets and snuggles without being sleepy. He will now just come and sit by us and watch tv with us. It's kinda cool. Next month will be his first birthday! It's insane how fast time has gone by. He is still growing and is weighing in at 46 lbs. So he still has at least another 10-15 lbs to grow. We are so happy he is with us and we are planning to get him a playmate once we have our own place again. Who knew I would love a dog this much!?!