Thursday, November 30, 2006


Okay so I know that I have been a lame-o in regards to blogging. I mean really people do you think it is exciting to live in Rexburg??? hah! You are sorely mistaken my friends! The big news around here this week is that it snowed over the past few days and it is freezing up here! Yesterday's high was 17 degrees! Brrrrr! I am hoping that when we go home for Christmas that I can defrost a little bit.
I am so exciting to go home! I hope everyone will love the gifts that Matt and I are giving them I really like them, but I hope you all don't think they are cheezy! I may post pictures up after Christmas just so everyone can see! Anyways sorry to cut it so short again, I need to get back to work. 'Til next time!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hello World

I figured since everyone else I know had a blog I might as well get one started. Especially since I am so far away from most of my loved ones. As most of you know I live in the middle of nowhere while my husband attends school. If you know me well you know I cannot wait until graduation day! Anyways I will try to post up every couple days just to keep you all interested. While you are here stop by some of my friends and family's pages, they have some gret things to offer! Until next time!