Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Starting over

So as many of you have heard by now the Hubs did not get selected to be an Officer in the Air Force. Yes we were devastated. Apparently this was the lowest percentage of applicants accepted in a very long time; less than 10% from across the country. We spoke with the recruiter and he strongly urged reapplying, because Hubs was a very strong contender and would more than likely be accepted the next go around. After much discussion we have decided to not pursue it again. As much as it would be an awesome career and life for us, we feel that it wasn't meant to be. I am so proud of my husband and all that he worked for. He is an amazing man and I know that he will excel in anything he chooses to do.

Here is the starting over part...

We have decided to pursue something we both love and live where we would be extremely happy. We will be moving back to California, yay finally!! We will also both be going back to school, Art school to be exact. I am going back for Photography and Hubs will be going back for Illustration. We may be starving Art students, but we will be happy. I am so excited to be moving on soon and starting over again. If you have ever seen Hubs' art you know he'll be an awesome Illustrator.

So here's to living on the Beach and being Art Students!

Oh and btw the above pictures are from my in laws apricot trees in their back yard. Apricot turnovers here we come:o)