Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Retail Therapy Tuesday!

I love Ann Taylor. This top is adorable, anytime I can get my hands on Ann Taylor clothes I'll take it!

Because everyone needs a good pencil skirt! This one can be found at Nordstrom's.
 I really kept trying to get away from these beauties! They are by Badgley Mischka and I am in LOVE!

 In my family it is a dream to have either a Coach bag or a Dooney & Bourke purse. This week my favorite is Coach!

Okay I promise not everything in the future will be designer this, designer that, but it's fun to dream! In reality I'm just as comfy in my jeans and t-shirts as I am in the designer stuff, maybe a little more.

Oh and by the way, the top from last week is on sale!!
So tell me, what are your favorite things to "window" shop for?


The1stdaughter said...

Oh! You already know my window weakness...books. I can't resist. I know, doesn't do a body good, but heck at least it stays in my brain!

But man would I love to get my hands on that skirt! Lovely! Just lovely!

Cari said...

have you ever checked out the outlet stores? Ex-coworker gets coach bags there. still expensive, but much cheaper than anywhere else. :) it's also fun to dream that they make clothes that fit me! lol

lately I've been window shopping beach cruisers. some are so pretty and nice, but cost like 500$!

Gillian said...

Books and Bicycles, we've got quite the broad spectrum! I love that skirt I may just have to go to Nordstrom's to try it on when I am in CA. As for Outlet stores, I love to shop there, but unfortunately they are completely lame here.

Simonds Family said...

Ah! I'm going to have to find a way to filter out your Tuesday posts so I don't keep drooling on myself.