Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm sorry for doing this to everyone, but I just have to!

This weekend was so much fun! The party went well, Little Miss had a blast and I hope she felt important. We went to the lake, we played princess games and ate cake. The 1stdaughter and family stopped by, and cousins met for the first time. Our whole family was together for the first time in a long time and it was wonderful! It was a very special weekend. I don't have any kidlets of my own so I love to spoil the nieces and nephew.

My favorite part of the weekend though was when I was trying to decorate the cake. My Mom was in the living room talking with family. Adan was tending to the baby, Bri was watching Little Miss and I. My Dad was at the table on his computer. The only people missing were the 1st daughter and her family. Little Miss loves music and singing, so my Dad played one of her favorite songs, "Little Wonders" from Meet the Robinsons, and of course she stopped everything to sing along. He barely got 30 seconds in and had to stop it because he and I were about to start blubbering like a couple of idiots. I had to save the cake from teardrops.

From the moment I saw that movie it instantly became my favorite. It reminds us to remember who we are and what the important thing in life is. Family. Although My husband and I are having trouble having kids, I don't feel we are missing out on a family. We feel so blessed to have the family we do. I am so excited to welcome the new babies in our lives to this amazing family. They truly are the Little Wonders in our lives. Thank you to my family for being who you are, I am who I am because you are who you are. I love you. And remember "Keep Moving Forward"


Bri said...

Thank you guys for the great weekend!! We had so much fun. Little miss will never forget her 4th b-day. It was the greatest party auntie gill! We love you guys and wish we could be together more often.

chronicler said...

It was the best weekend in a long time. Thank you so much for putting it all together and getting us all there. I can't imagine missing a minute of it!

I love you and yours so much! What a great family we have!

tmg_founder said...

What???? You just do this stuff to me to see me cry????? What kind've person are you anyway???? MEAN! MEAN! MEAN!

You know I don't "mean" that!

It was a miracle. To have us altogether. My thought was at first, "When will we all be able to be together again?" I know it will be a long time. At least it will feel like a long time. When it was over, we all went our separate ways.

I hope that when we come together again (very soon, I hope), I hope that we will forgive each other's weaknesses and look at each other like we really do all love each other. Because I know we all do love each other very much. Our time is short here on the earth. And these "coming togethers" are very rare indeed.

Thanx Bean for the planning and the work and especially the very best of weekends.

I love you all. (and yes I'm crying!)

Phantom said...

Hey honey, you did a great job at putting everything together and organizing the madness that can occur.
All I have to say is that I can't wait until my next birthday! I hope we get to make crowns again.

But, I'm not going to walk through the door again while trying to place a crown on the princess! haha.

Good job love! U da best!

Amanda Cheek said...

Hey I need your email address so I can add you to my blog! Send it to! Thanks girlie!

Amanda Cheek said...

PS- Rob Thomas is attractive

S & RA Beazer said...

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