Friday, August 22, 2008


If you know me, you know I have kind of weird crazy dreams. Well the other night I had a really nice dream. I actually really didn't want to wake up because I loved it so much. What was it about you ask? Well, I was surrounded by people I loved just hanging out at my parents house. All family and close friends of course. The best part was even beloved pets were there. Yes Tyson was there. For those of you who knew Tyson know why this meant so much to me.

Although Tyson came to our family through my Sister the 1stdaughter, he was always mine. At least I felt that way. When he was a kitten I went to visit my sister, because she lived in a different state. We instantly bonded. His brother Angus was always the talkitive social one and Tyson was always a little more reserved. To become friends with Tyson you really had to be patient and let him come to you on his terms, but once he did he was loyal to you as any dog would be!

After the 1stdaughter left to live in Provo, he and I became fast friends. My all time favorite memory of his was every night when I came home he would be waiting for me. He would hear my car as I pulled around the corner and he would run to the driveway and sit where he would not be harmed until I parked in the driveway. As soon as I opened the door to my car he was right there waiting for me. Mind you this happened EVERY night, and my Dad will atest that it was not early either, hehe.

He was my best friend. I still think about him alot and miss him so much. I know he is watching over our family and is very proud of all of us. I know he is thankful for the time he was here with us and is thankful for what was done for him. I know those of us who were there that afternoon will never forget it, but we have to remember that he loves us very much and is grateful for the help he was given.

Tyson will always be close to my heart. I will think of him always. I miss you and love you my Ty Ty.


chronicler said...

It's a close second to which one of him are harley were the best cats ever. I love the picture because it gives you a glimpse at Tyson. He was so patient and not hurried at all. A deep cat, if there ever was one.

What a great dream!

tmg_founder said...

It's a hard memory for me.

Bean said...

Dad I am sorry for bringing it up I know it is very hard to think about. Tyson loved both of us very much and I think that although it is painful to think about he is thankful for you. I love you!

chronicler said...

I see this cat. This cat has weaved himself through so many of our lives. He was certainly wise and will have a place with us in the future. Dr. Jones says so!