Thursday, February 14, 2008

What happens when I get bored...

So I really am not that obsessed with the Twilight book series. A couple of months ago my computer with all of my pictures was fried and I lost all of my digital pictures.

My friend Amanda has been really into digital scrabooking recently and I thought I would give it a try. Since I didn't have any pictures of my own I just thought I would find pictures of what I am interested in right now and see if I could mess with Photoshop enough to figure it out. This is the result. If it had been a year ago it may have been Harry Potter, hehe.

I think it turned out preety good for a first try. What do you think? Of course I had my Advertising major husband leaning over my shoulder the whole time. Sometimes it was a good thing other times I wanted to tell him to go fly a kite and let me figure it out! Just kidding, I am glad he was there to help me. Hopefully I will be able to get some new pictures and make some real pages of my family and friends.


Bri said...

This is so funny!! I was laughing, especially when you said your husband was leaning over you the whole time, I can totally see that. Because my husband does it all of the time! It looks like you had fun though, and it turned out way cool!

chronicler said...

Oh don't look it as your pictures are all gone, they're just in hiding for a while. heh. hopefully.

It looks great!

hey there is a meme for you on my blog.

1stdaughter said...

Very Cool!

I was watching The View today and Whoopi Goldberg said the series is her new favorite. Pretty cool.

1stdaughter said...

Oh! PS....Tag! you're it. CHeck my page for instructions.