Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Twilight Series!!!

Okay So I know that everyone on earth is talking about this series, but I just have to. I got all three books for Christmas and I read all of them in less than three weeks. They are so good!!! My family have always been fans of Vampire books, ie Anne Rice books. These are so much better in my opinion. A True love story! The fourth book is going to be released in the fall and I can't wait! The Movie is supposed to be released in December. It should be pretty good. Above is a picture of the actors playng Bella and Edward. Robert Pattinson played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter movies, of which you all know I adore.
So anyways if you are into Vampire love stories, or even good clean love stories you should certainly read these books. 1st daughter this means you! Sorry for the random post after not posting for awhile.


Bri said...

I like the look of your blog! It looks great:o) I might have to read the books, we will see, you know how hard it is for me to read though, so we will see. Maybe I can get into it. Love ya!

1stdaughter said...

Maybe I will have to give them a try now. I just didn't know with all the hype if they were really going to be decent.