Saturday, September 8, 2007

Everyone Needs a Support System

So I am sitting around today waiting for the sleeping dead to arise, when I flip through the channels to see my favorite motivational show on a marathon. In preparation for the Biggest Loser premier on Tuesday at 8pm, Bravo is running a marathon of last season.
I know you are all thinking right about now, "...and why is she telling us this???" Well I will tell you. As you all know I am on a renewed quest to lose weight and get into shape so I can have more energy and increase my chances of having children. So watching this show got me thinking. We all need some motivation, not just me, but you do too! We need a little competition to get us motivated. I know you all have been thinking about losing weight and have been wanting to start to workout or eat healthier. Well now is the time!!! I already have two other people in on this little friendly competition, so here it is. Who ever wants to join in can, friends, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles...whoever!!! I want everyone to check in weekly and say what percentage of weight you have lost that week, by making a comment. Let's make it every Monday stop by and just make a quick comment telling the percentage lost that week. We will do this until December 17th. On that final Monday I will tally up everyone's percentages and announce the winner on December 18th. Now for the ante if you want to join in you must agree to eat healthier, workout more, and most of all give $50 to the winner of the game. This way we will all be competing to get that large prize at the end to buy some new clothes for your new thinner body!
So who is in??? I already have myself and two others signed up so that is already $150 to compete for! If you are in just leave a comment. Good Luck to everyone! Let the games begin starting Monday, September 10th! Any questions just let me know!


chronicler said...

I like it! Game on girlfriend! You guys are are so going to hate giving me the $$$$!

Bri said...

Yeah right! Better start saving, and watch the pounds come off! Good luck to everyone, and just know that I will support everyone giving me the cash! haha.

Adán said...

I'm in. Let's go.