Monday, September 10, 2007

And they're off!!!

Day One of the big competition! We have Chronicler, Bri, Adan, Myself and the Tall kid! It will be a nice little prize at the end. I will still take more participants if you want to join in! Good Luck to all! And remember that no matter what we are all really winning in this competition, but of course you will all have to hand over your money when I win!!! Hah! Tell me your first day thoughts! Remember to weigh yourself today so you know where you are at. Have a good week!


chronicler said...

the other sib on the east coast doesn't have internet access so has no idea we're doing this. there may be a late entry...

also, dad is participating but has joined. I think he is thinking he'd hate to win and then have to take money from you guys. you know dad.

Bri said...

Dad needs to just be apart of it. If he wins, then he gets the right to have all of the money. Tell he can't feel bad about taking money away from us, it is a competition, plus if he wins he is going to have to buy new clothes, so that will help.

I am ready for the competition now I just need to set my heart on the prize, I think I am going to need a big push or something. I really want to lose the weight, I just am afriad of the failing part. Plus I don't want to let everyone down, if I don't make it.