Thursday, August 30, 2007

Passion vs. PCOS

There was a time in my life when I was passionate about everything in my life. It was honestly the happiest I have ever been. These past few years I have whine complained and threw a pity party for my self twelve thousand times over. Well I am done with that!!! Recently I have been feeling an overwhelming source of passion. I mean real passion, passion for life and everything hat is around you. I feel like I am getting back to who I truly am. Back to the person that the man I married fell in love with. The person that wouldn't be held back because someone didn't like what they were doing. This is me! If you don't like it tough!!! Suck it up Princess, as we say at work.
Tonight I watched a show on TLC called "Crazy, Sexy, Cancer." I know it sounds a little out there, but it really kind of brought things into prospective. The woman in it used to be an actress, until she found out she was diagnosed. She didn't let it take over her life. She knew she was going to beat it from the get go. SO she did everything she could. Never once lost her hair, and only a few times did she let herself feel bad about it. It really helped me along on my way back to being my passionate about life self. If I truly want to beat PCOS I need to do something about it. It isn't just going to go away by taking 1500mgs of Metformin and all of my Vitamins everyday. I have to do something about it! I have to get up off my lazy butt and get to work! I do want kids someday and if I really want to make that happen I need to clean up my body, get back into shape! Today I am setting goals! I am losing ten pounds every month until I get back to my normal self. Itr is interesting when I meet knew people I always feel like I have to explain why I look the way I do. In my head this is not who I am! I am a thin person! I have been my whole life until now. Why should I let PCOS take over??? I shouldn't! This is my life and I am in charge! I take action today! I will not let it ruin my life and my marriage! PCOS is not me nor will I let it consume me any longer. If you knew me then you know who I was, I have faded, but I am coming back and I will come back strong.


Bri said...

Well miss Bean, I totally support you, and will help you with everything you need. I am in on your plans, I will like to set the same goal you have. I will try to keep up with you and not let this PCOS thing rule my life as well. Love you and if we stick together and check in with each other I think we can do it. Love you.

chronicler said...

Wow. Now there's my Bean! I love ya babe. One step at a time and the world is yours. Glad to have you back!