Sunday, August 26, 2007

Spritual High

I love Sundays. It has really been a long time since I have been able to say that, but today I can. You see as you all know I live in small town Idaho and it isn't all it's cracked up to be. When the Tall Kid and I were first married we moved up here and went to the regular student ward we were assigned to. After a few weeks of church the Bishop calls me into his office and asked me to be the Primary President. I accepted, knowing that I would not get the opportunity to meet anyone in the ward and that either myself or the children would be dead by the end of it. So for almost a year I went to church begrudgingly and not wanting to be there at all! I didn't know anyone, the few supposed friends we had never said a word to us at church and I didn't want to be there.
So after much discussion we decided to move. Although it is just a block or two from our first apartment I feel like I am in a totally different city. We have the most amazing ward. I don't want to brag, but really this is the best ward I have ever been in and I am afraid to say that I think it may be the best we will ever be in. We have an amazing bishopric, these guys will truly bend over backwards for you if you need them to. The Elder's Quorum President, one of our good friends, will not stop until the job is done. I mean heck he always invites the new people to his house for dinner on sunday, just so they feel like they belong. Amazing guy really. Our Relief Society President another amazing person, her husband is in the bishopric and they have recently become some of our closest friends. In fact we are having them over for FHE tomorrow. It is just a great ward to be in. I wish you could all experience a ward like this sometime in your life. It is one place that I actually feel like I belong.
I had to teach the Relief Society lesson today, and it couldn't have gone better. It was on Neil Andersen's conference talk, "It's true isn't it? Then what else matters?" It was an excellent opportunity to share stories with each other about the trials we face as young married Latter-Day Saint women. I feel so close to everyone in our ward although I may now know everyone personally I love them and would do anything for any of them. If any of you have not heard or read this talk I would suggest that you do, even if you have read it and then read President Hinckley's April 1973 talk, "It's true isn't it?" I got so much out of it and I Can't help but think that my trials are nothing to others who struggle so much and yet will give up everything for the gospel. Today I feel truly blessed to be in the ward that I am. I know I complain alot about the place I live, but I know that I can always go to church on Sunday and feel the love from the Sisters and Brothers of our Ward family. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I have struggled with it in the past but I know now without a doubt that it is true, and that is what truly matters.


tmg_founder said...

What a great post kiddo! I'm very happy for you. That feeling is the best! Love you!

chronicler said...

I am so glad to read this. I know that you have struggled to find a bit of "home" where you are. I am glad the trial is over and you now feel comfortable. The tall kid is one of my favorite people (dare I say my favorite s-i-l?) and I knew he wouldn't take you somewhere you couldn't eventually fit. The two of you together are better than either alone. Once you have that down, the rest is pretty much easy. Keeping it all under the umbrella or shall we say sparkly chandelier of the Lord completes the equation and there you find happiness. I am glad your lesson went well, sounds like your abilities have been recognized, everyone soon will know what a great teacher and person you are. Yay! ILY, me

The Pea said...

As a person who still resides in the "primary bubble" I am so happy for you. It is nice to hear you are doing better, And hey.. next time you are in town to see Bri think of me I would love(!) to see you.

Bri said...

Hey Hey bean. I love the post, I wish our ward was as good as yours. But I am happy that you feel great and the you have a good ward. I think that is really important, especially if you are having a hard time in the town. I always think that people just need to live the gospel and be friendly, but it sometimes isn't like that. Can't wait to get out of the bubble! I am excited to see you this week. Love ya!

Bean said...

Thanks for everyone's comments!!! I really appreciate them, it helps keep me going! :o)