Monday, January 15, 2007

busy, busy, busy

Okay so My World is very cold this week!!! Like negative 20 degrees cold! One thing to warm it up around here though is that my new Rabbit will be here this week.YAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!! I have been waiting 6 months for this cute little black hatchback to arrive and finally it just might be in Idaho this very minute! I am so excited! Of course I will take all kinds of picture for you all to see. And if you are not quite sure what I am referring to, my husband and I ordered a 2007 VW Rabbit, 2 doors, black and oh so cute! That was SIX months ago! It seems like forever ago.
I also just got a new job at the hospital about 30 mins away, so that should be pretty exciting. I will be working in the business office doing some insurance work and also registering patients. If I find that I happen to not like it I will just have to find a new job, but we shall see! The Tall guy also got a new job that he is really enjoying. He is progressing in school nicley and we hope to be out of here by December. YAY! I don't think I could take another full winter here in the frozen Tundra. Where we will end up who knows. More than likely we will move somewhere near Seattle but who knows!?!
Anyways I need to run, our super cool friends from upstairs invited us over for dinner! YUM! So talk to ya later!


s'mee said...

woohoo! I am excited to see the new baby! I hear ya anout the winters up there, people are nuts!

Brianna said...

I cant wait to see the vw!! I hope you enjoy your new job, it sounds great! Dont freeze too much up there, I know it is hard not to though, I came to work this morning and it was 2 degrees, craziness! What are we thinking by letting our boys go to scholl in the artic!! Love ya!

chronicler said...

Yay you got the job! I can hardly wait to see your new car!!!!!!!!

Bean said...

IT is here! It is here!!! I just can't go pick it up until they call me and tell me it is ready for me :(