Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday

Spring is here!!! This photo I took today and I can't decide which edit I liked the most. What do you guys think? I'll show you the Straight-Out-of-Camera shot just for comparison:

SOOC- Underexposed, pretty blah

Brightened it up a bit, slightly sharpened, put a little red in to balance out the blue.

Played around with a Vintage effect and then made Black and White.

Ran PW's Colorized action and then desaturated just a tad.

Ran PW's Old West action and then played around with the color levels a little bit.

So what do you think? I'm just so excited Spring is here and the flowers are blooming!


The1stdaughter said...

I think my favorite is the second to last one! So pretty! You really are so talented!

S'mee said...

B/W then the 2nd from the bottom. Great work!

Brianna said...

I like the brightened one and then the colorized one. They both look do pretty, I would like it printed and put on the wall, so cool Gill!!

Simonds Family said...

I vote for the fourth one! I love cherry blossoms! Spring...ah...what a tease.

Gillian said...

Thanks guys! I was thinking of putting one on the wall for when it's a rainy day, or feeling blue. Flowers always brighten your day!

In this lifetime said...

I have a thing for great pictures, nice job! what kind of camera do you use?

Gillian said...

Sorry In this lifetime, I just noticed your comment! I use a Nikon D60, its just a really basic model. Maybe someday I'll have a more professional camera. But remember it's not the camera it's the person behind it that makes beautiful pictures:o)

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