Saturday, January 23, 2010

Progress Update

So alot of you have been asking how is Matt doing?

The answer: AH-MAZING!

Let me tell you I have the most amazing man for a husband. As most of you know in February 2009, He decided to join the Air Force as an Officer. In order to do so he had to lose 110lbs. Now don't be thinking I had an overweight husband, he is 6'6 and was focusing mostly on weight lifting at the time. He switched from doing weightlifting to mostly cardio and in 10 months has lost it all. He is one skinny dude now, but he looks awesome. I'll post before and after pictures later if he says it's okay.

He also had to take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test or AFOQT in November. He passed with flying colors and now we are on to the next steps. He will take take a physical sometime before February 15th, which I have no doubts that he will do well. He has always been the active type and loves working out so he will do fine. Then the last step to the application process is in March where he will have his Selection Board. It is a panel of Air Force Officers that interview him and decide if he is right for the Air Force. Knowing Matt he will do well in this portion because he interviews really well.

After everything is finished he will be given a date to enter OTS, Officer Training School, which is basically what we all know as Boot Camp. We are very excited for this next step in our journey and although we know it will be very difficult, we are looking forward to it. I am positive that this is where we are supposed to be in our life and will be interested in where it takes us. The likely candidates for what he wants to do are Florida, Japan, Germany, Oklahoma and where ever else the Air Force would like to send you. Yay! Not too long now, we are on the home stretch!

Oh and if any of you Air Force wives have any advice for me whatsoever, I would be more than happy to listen. Thanks!


The1stdaughter said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you guys! I really hope things go smoothly the rest of the way and that you can get going quickly. Love you tons!

Hannah Noel said...

Wow, congrats to your hubby and you too!

I'm still technically a newlywed, but I can tell you that you'll learn to develop a LOT of patience and support for your hubby. Training and school can be so stressful on them. We have to put our feelings aside sometimes and focus on doing whatever we can to ease their stress and make them feel better.
There have been days where I just wanted to pout and cry (and, shamedly, I have once or twice), but we have to keep remembering that once they get into their actual job, things will ease up and they'll get happier again!