Saturday, January 16, 2010

I know update already!

Sorry for being gone for so long! The holidays were so much fun I just didn't want them to end. So let's recap!

Everyone was able to go to my parent's house this year and it was a blast! We all squished into their living room and opened presents n Christmas morning. It was so fun getting to be in on the Santa secret, and helping set up Christmas for the kids. We got some amazing presents this year! Matt got a bunch of clothes, which he needed after losing 100lbs this year. My parents got me red luggage! Yay! I've wanted red luggage practically my whole life. Matt got me a nice pink fluffy robe, it is so soft, I love it. Ozzy got some wonderful toys and treats that he is still having fun with. We were able to see all of our nieces and our nephew. It was so nice to be all together again. And of course, one of the best things about having Christmas with my parents is the food. The food was amazing!! The ham was to die for, I still think about that yummy ham!

For New Year's one of my sister's was able to come up here. While the were driving up I was cooking away. I decided to make it a Pioneer Woman New Year's Eve and made 4 or 5 of her recipes from her new cookbook. It was fabulous! The best was the black eyed pea salad and the chocolate sheet cake. Yum! Once they all got here we dug in and enjoyed the evening. It was so much fun! The next few days we just hung out and visited it was alot of fun. We visited the snow one day, the girls and Ozzy had a blast.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Here's to an amazing 2010!! Air Force here we come!


Hannah Noel said...

Your puppy is so cute!

Hannah Noel said...

oh-- and I meant to say thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

The Pea said...

Nice to see you back! The other day I told joe about that person coming up and asking if your dog had bitten anybody yet. He said you should have said no but, let's train him on your leg!! He wants me to make Ozzy our screen background!

Gillian said...

Thanks guys! Pea that is hilarious about Joe. Tell him to feel free to use his picture :o)