Friday, August 7, 2009

Real Chocolate

Do you like chocolate?? Of course you do!!! But are you eating REAL chocolate?? Do you even know if you are?

Well the wonderful people at Mars Chocolate have promised to always make real chocolate. You know... they make Dove chocolate, Twix bars and many more yummy chocolates.

I first heard about their promise to continue to make real chocolate through my mom. Who just happens to be a Dove Chocolatier. Yum! You see when you make chocolate you need to put some sort of butter/oil in it. Instead of using real Cocoa butter, from Cacao, many companies are starting to use things like vegetable oil to cut down costs. Yuck!!! That's why chocolate tastes so much better when you get it from Germany, Switzerland or even Mars chocolate.

To show customers what real chocolate should taste like Mars is giving away free chocolate. What was that??? FREE chocolate??? Yeah!! Every Friday through October you can register for a free candy bar! They will send you a coupon in the mail and all you have to do is go to the store. WAHOO!!! I received my first one in the mail today, I am sooo excited!

So go to and Enjoy!


S'mee said...

thanks for the heads up on the free chocolate! yeah!

Also, you take amazing photos missy.

Gillian said...

Thanks! I have been really trying to improve. Enjoy your chocolate!

Coleman Family said...

Hellllllooooooo Chocolate!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Yay for chocolate! And free too!

I eat Green and Black chocolate pretty much exclusively. I feel like I am really eating CHOCOLATE when I do :)


Gillian said...

Living in small towns with no culture for the past four years, I had no idea what Green and Black's was. I googled it and oh Mercy! I think I may just have to go on a search and rescue mission :)

Jennifer said...
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