Friday, July 31, 2009

No Seriously!

Can we talk about this guy???

He is amazing!

I know I probably don't tell him enough but he is pretty awesome.

Since the end of February he has lost 65 pounds!!! But that's not why I love him.

I love him because he puts up with me. He puts up with my craziness, my insecurities, my stupid habits, my forgetfulness, and my bizarre ideas. He will do just about anything to make me happy.

Our current plan for the future is for him to join the Air Force as an Officer. In order to do so he has to lose about 100 lbs. You see he is 6'6" and you have to be a bean pole to be in the Air Force. Since we don't have children right now and we don't see it in the near future, we are ok with moving around a lot. I am actually kind of excited about it. I miss just being him and me in a new place. I won't like being separated, but I can cherish the time that we are together.

Now I just need to become one of those women who I admire. Women who can stand on their own. Women who are fierce. Women who aren't afraid to do things just because they can and had nothing better to do. Why do I feel like watching "Yes Man" all of the sudden??

My whole life I have been shy and quiet until people get to know me. I am tired of it. For me it is easier said than done, but I really need to break out of my shell. There was a time where I was passionate about life and learning. I miss that. I can't wait to get back to that.

Wait, this post isn't supposed to be about me....


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

The Air Force life will require you to break out of your shell. I know this because it did it for me. I was terribly shy so the beginning of our AF life was challenging, and while it still can be hard for when we move to a new base, I am so very thankful for being taken out of my comfort zone.

Awesome job to your husband! He sounds like he will make a fantastic officer :)


Robyn said...

Hey girlie, you have everything you need. You will find that inner strength and be that person we all know you can be.

I'm the same way. I heard Dr. Laura say something once that has helped me try to overcome my shyness. It was hard to hear but I think it applied to me: Being shy makes everything all about you. Forgetting being shy makes it easier to share and serve others.

I can hardly wait for these big things to happen for each of you!