Saturday, January 17, 2009

Where in the world have we been!?!!!

Well its been an interesting couple of weeks...

First we had Christmas and that was good. I really wished we could have gone home for Chistmas, but unfortunetly we both had to work and stay here. I really missed my family and getting into the Christmas spirit and fun. It was just like another holiday around here. Which isn't bad :)

Next we my parents drove all the way to Vegas to meet us and have a little get together to celebrate Christmas. It was alot of fun. Wished it could have been longer, but you know how it goes.

Then we went up to Ogden to hang out with Dave and Jamie. It was alot of fun. One of the highlights is that we were able to go and see Ozzy's breeder.Unfortunetly they sold his mom :( but they did have his Dad.

They had alot of fun together. Then whenever we were at the house Ozzy was playing with Dave and Jamie's dog Macy the whole time. He seriously slept for like 4days straight when we got home. Crazy!

Finally last weekend my middle sister and her husband and two girls came up to visit! Yay!!! We had so much fun, even if we hung out at home the whole time. Little Miss got her fingers and toe nails painted. We took Ozzy on a walk. Again Ozzy played with everyone the whole time and was exhausted by the end of the weekend. I wished they could have stayed longer but alas we all do need to find jobs and work :)

I had so much to blog about but unfortunetly I have forgotten it all. I know you all are so upset over it, hehe. Oh well, until next time!

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Brianna said...

I wish we could have stayed longer too, maybe next time we will. Little miss last night asked if we could go through the mountains again to see her best friend. It was pretty cute. She loves you both so much! I am grateful that she has such a strong relationship with you. I am sure when she gets older she will rely on you so much. I can't wait to come up again and see you. Love you, and miss you guys!