Friday, November 21, 2008

Just for Papa...

Ozzy is growing, growing, growing... He is 32 lbs now and is on the second hole of his harness. Take a look:


Ozzy loves his harness!! He is figured out how we get it on and steps right in when I get it down for walks and car rides. He is just too cute in it!

Then two more just for size comparison:



tmg_founder said...

I'm glad we didn't make it too tight!!!! What a cutie!

Amanda Cheek said...

I love that boo boo!

Simonds Family said...

I love Bulldogs! He's so cute.

Brianna said...

Holy Ozzie. Man I miss that pup, I guess not a pup for too much longer. I love him so much. I can't believe he is that big already.

1stdaughter said...

My exact words, "Holy Cow!" He's getting huge! I think it may be time for a new bed...hehe. Can't wait to actually meet him.

Brianna said...

Little miss just siad, "ozzy misses me." I think it is the other way around though. She also said : "If only he would stop biting me." hehehe

Bean said...

Well you can tell her that he lost his teeth so it doesn't hurt when he bites now :)