Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A good replacment

So if you were reading last year you found out my new obsession for Cherry Minature Kit- Kats.

Well unfortunetly, they were no where to be found this Valentine's Day. It was a very sad V-day without them. Oh well, on to the next Candy filled holiday! Easter! Yay!

So while looking fo the Function: Light Weight, that chronicler raved about, at Target, I stumbled upon these little morsels of yumminess! Lemon Creme Kisses!

They are delicious! They actually tastes like lemon cake with lemon frosting. They are so good. So before Easter is over you should try to find them and delight in their goodness! Oh and if you happen to be in my neighborhood I know Target in Ammon still has alot of them.

Oh and by the way I know that it is pretty funny I was looking for a supplement water and I found candy, hehe!


Bri said...

You have talked me into it, I have to go out and buy a bag now! Maybe I can wait until we come up and see you to go get a bag. Especially since the boys are going to go shooting, we have to do something while they are playing.

Adán said...

Playing? We are training to protect our women-folk in an emergency.

Sounds good to me though, one more week and we will be up there for sure, the TADpole is doing great now (finally!!!). Can't wait to see you guys!

1stdaughter said...

Those look soooo good! Why do you have to tempt me so! Man, I just lost 12 pounds and I can see them creepy back up on me just by looking at the bag....hehe

chronicler said...

I totally encourage you to find the function. Then you can eat twice as many of these!!!

Bean said...

The Function website said that Target is the only place in IF that has it and they don't. I searched the whole store.