Wednesday, November 28, 2007


So this is something that I have been thinking alot about, with pcos it is very difficult to have children. I have friends on both sides of the fence who either had an amazing experience or or a not so amazing experience. Of course not knowing anything I would have hope for an amazing experience. While we were home for Thanksgiving I was talking with my sister in law about it. Her sister had recently adopted and my s-i-l went to classes with her in preparation for the adoption. She said something that just made sense to me, "Women are put on the earth to be mothers, some to have children, and some to raise children." Of course alot of women can do both, but the way the world is more people are having to adopt or not have children due to their circumstances. Don't get me wrong I want to and would love to have my own children, but if it isn't something that is in the cards for me I will adopt without question. I know their are people out there, even within my family that would think that I am crazy for saying that, but I see it as I want children, and alot of children need homes, so why not let us both have that opportunity. I think I would be able to provide a good home for them.
I know that this is kind of a random subject but it is something that I have just really felt strongly about recently. I know that I have only been married a couple years but I really feel like we are ready to start our family. Whether our children be born into or adopted into they will be our children and never feel like they are outsiders.
What do you think about adoption?


Bri said...

I don't think you are crazy for wanting to adopt children. I think it is a great opportunity for both parties. I think it is important for children out there that don't have a chance to have a real family and someone who can genuinely take care of them. I always thinking about adopting too. Mom and I have been talking recently about us having more kids, and right now I am at the point that if I get pregnant I think I might be sad, because we have had our own little family for so long. I think in the future once we are out of school, and on our feet a little bit better, and haven't had other children we will adopt. I think it is great, and I would totally support you when and if you ever do this. I also think that people in our family would think that adopting would be a great opportunity. Love you!

s'mee said...

Technically, when you look at it Jesus was adopted, and then we into His family. For me, Thor and I talked about this before we even got married. I wanted to know if he would be o.k. with it if circumstances presented themselves. Both of us agreed it really wasn't that big of a deal to us personally.

I'm like you, I have friends with both great and horrendous adoption stories. You know what? I also have friends who have both good and horrendous stories about their bio kids. You get what you get, and Heavenly Father sustains you through the Gospel.

Either way you guys will make "goodly parents."

Bean said...

Thank you both! Your comments mean alot. I know that I have your support and I really appreciate it!

chronicler said...

You know you have our support. There are kids all over the world that need a loving home to live in. You and your guy would be great parents, and I know it'd be a fun place to grow up. Go for it i say!

Amanda Cheek said...

I'm so glad you are thinking about it more. My adopted niece Lili is 18 months now. She is starting to talk and do all kinds of fun things. She was MEANT to be part of our family... she just came to us a different way. I can't imagine life with out her. Take a look at my blog..I just posted a picture of her... When I look at her face..I see heaven.

The Pea said...

So I try not to give alot of advise but go see if your ward has a copy of the video "from gods arms to my arms to yours" It is an amazing story of what the church does. And how adoption can be. I hope all goes well and you are happy with whatever you choose. Being prayerful and knowing you made a desicion with you father in heaven is always the best way to go.